Zion Alkaline Water Ionizer


Alkalizing our body is the key factor in playing a role of restoring and maintaining our overall health.

Erom Zion Alkaline Water Ionizer provides the best way to give you great Alkaline Ionized water. Erom Zion Alkaline Water Ionizer uses Platinum Coated Titanium electrodes, uses an advanced self-diagnostic MICOM circuitry system which controls water flow automatically, has a built in bi-metal temperature sensor safety system, 2 filters, and seven step high quality filtering system that assures the best possible water you can drink. It has a convenient one touch operation along with voice messaging to notify you which function you are using. Erom Zion Alkaline Water Ionizer is simply the best water solution you and your family can have.




  • Electrodes material: Platinum-coated titanium
  • Operated by MICOM: Full automatic water control flow and water quality to find the optimal operating conditions by MICOM
  • Safety system: Built-in bimetal temperature sensor
  • Cartridge system for filter replacement
  • 2 filters & 7 steps high quality filtering system: Guaranteed to clean Zion water
  • Filter Life: Filter-1: Approximately 4 months, Filter-2: Approximately 8 months (20L/day)
  • Antimicrobial system: Stamp out all microbes during electrolysis
  • Convenient one-touch operation: Simple button, one-touch system by solenoid valve technology, convenient automatic voice message
  • 1 Purified water, acidic water and 4-types of alkaline water are tailored to the needs of each individual user.
  • Auto cleaning system: By cleaning the electrodes, it increases the life span.
  • Elegant, attractive and refined design
  • Power Consumption: 150W
  • Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • Water Pressure Tolerance: 1.0~5.0kgf/cm2
  • Water Temperature Tolerance: 41~86`F
  • Type: Continuous electrolytic system
  • pH Selection: Alkaline(4), Acidic (1)
  • Exterior color: White