Erom Zion CLASSIC Alkaline Water Ionizer Replacement Filter (#1)

Replacement Filter (#1) for Erom Zion CLASSIC Alkaline Water Ionizer

**This item requires the Zion CLASSIC Alkaline Water Ionizer to operate.**

Product Features


The Zion Water Ionizer automatically adjusts water flow and pH acidity depending on your needs. Selections range from purified, acidic, or alkaline.


The Zion includes two main high-quality filters in seven filtration steps to ensure that the water delivered is clean. Its antimicrobial system also helps in purification and sanitation.

Easy to Use

With a convenient one-touch operation, this system can be used by anybody of any age and get healthy, purified water. The zion also helps you ensure the quality of water you get by letting you know when you need to replace the filters. The system also comes with an automatic voice message to alert you of various statuses.

Product Specifications

Filter Type Dual Filters, 7-Stage

Filter 1: Sediment Filter

Filter 2: Poly Propylene, Non-woven fabric, Calcium Sulphite, Activated Carbon with Silver, and Granulated activated Carbon

Water Quality Control 10 Levels (1-10)
Flow Control Automatic
Flow Rate 0.79 - 1.0 gallon/min.
Power SMPS
Plate Quantity 5 Plates
pH Ratings 4.5 - 10.5