Deliciously and naturally balanced, JUVO is a blend of 55 powerful raw organic ingredients, including multiple whole grains, seeds, sprouts, greens, berries, sea vegetables, and mushrooms.  And what makes JUVO so special is that all of the ingredients within JUVO are "raw", meaning that all of the ingredients within JUVO are uncooked. That means that essential nutrients are not lost as a result from being cooked and is freeze-dried to retain freshness.

JUVO is a complete whole food meal, full of nutrition but low-calorie: perfect for maintaining your weight in a healthy natural way.

This unique blend of uncooked plant based ingredients offers the dietary benefits of live vitamins, minerals, fiber, enzymes, antioxidants, and phyto-nutrients from an array of premium whole foods in just one convenient serving. There are no animal products of any kind within JUVO.

People who want to look their best and feel healthy will find JUVO's unique formulation of all natural, organic ingredients the healthiest meal that one can find as well as helping them to stay satisfied. One JUVO meal a day can:

  • Boost your energy and metabolism
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Cleanse your body of toxins and waste materials
  • Help reduce tensions and stress
  • Improve digestion and is easily digestible
  • Healthily appease hunger and control daily total calorie intake
  • Improve overall body function

JUVO was created to deliver the benefits and aliveness of nature to make you healthy and rejuvenated. JUVO Natural Raw Meal retains nature's purity without any modifications or additions.  The ingredients within JUVO are grown organically to bring you the purity and full vitality that mother nature offers.  

  • Whole Food:
    JUVO is filled with over 55 healthful ingredients including whole grains, organic kosher vegetables, sea vegetables, and organic fruits to deliver a complete and nutritious meal.  It is high in phyto-nutrients, kosher dietary fibers, antioxidants, and enzymes.
  • Natural and Organic:
    JUVO is made with organic and kosher ingredients that are grown organically.  It is Non-GMO, free of dairy, animal proteins and fats, artificial flavors, and artificial colors.  It is ideal for vegan and vegetarian diets.

  • Raw, Alive Nutrients:
    JUVO uses a freeze-drying technology which is know to be the best way to nutritive properties, flavor and color. All nutrients in JUVO are alive to provide the highest organic quality of nutrition.

JUVO is free of preservatives, gluten, whey,  yeast, dairy, artificial sweeteners, and artificial colors.





Kosher Certified Organic Raw Brown Rice,

Certified Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin,

Certified Organic Agave Inulin,

Certified Organic Brown Rice Protein,

Vitamin and Mineral Blend,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Millet,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Kale,

Certified Guar Gum,

Certified Organic Raw Black Rice,

Kosher Certified Organic Hemp Protein,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Carrot,

Kosher Certified Organic Spirulina,

Lo Han,

Certified Organic Raw Pumpkin,

Certified Organic Sweet Potato,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Alfalfa Sprout,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Parsley,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Beet,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Tomato,

Kosher Certified Organic Acerola Extract,

Certified Organic Potato,

Certified Raw Cabbage,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Amaranth,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Quinoa,

Certified Organic Raw Burdock,

Certified Organic Nori,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Wild Bilberry,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Lingonberry,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Black Currant,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Aronia,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Concord Grape,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Pomegranate,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Sour Cherry,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Wild Blueberry,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Cranberry,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Elderberry,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Red Raspberry,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Black Raspberry,

Kosher Certified Organic Shitake Mushroom,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Reishi Mushroom,

Kosher Certified Organic Agaricus Mushroom,

Kosher Certified Organic Chlorella,

Certified Organic Green Tea,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Spinach,

Kosher Certified Organic Raw Broccoli.


 To view JUVO Natural Raw Meal Nutrition Facts, click here.



Blend two leveled scoops of JUVO with 8-10 oz. of rice milk, almond milk, water, or you choice of beverage.
Add fresh or frozen fruit or ice for a healthy smoothie.



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