Freeze Drying retains over 98% of nutritional properties

Freeze drying food is the best way to preserves nutritive properties, flavor, color and aroma. When vegetables and grains are flash frozen, their moisture instantly freezes. Lowering atmospheric pressure at the freezing point vaporizes the moisture, allowing the food to dry. Quick freeze drying costs more, but minimizes the loss of nutrients, flavor and aroma.


Freeze Drying Process

Selection of raw food materials
Erom Inc. selects over 60 natural, raw materials from five food groups: whole grains, vegetables, sea vegetables and mushrooms and fruits with strict quality criteria.

JUVO undergoes high and strict quality inspection.

Washing Raw Foods
Impurities and inedible parts are removed and the remainder is washed clean by high-pressure water several times.

Immersion of raw materials in water
This is done in preparation for freeze-drying.

The raw foods are cut into appropriate sizes in preparation for freeze-drying.

Weighing is done by 1.5 tons increments. These portions are spread out on a metal plate and placed in a dryer.

This is done for 24 hours at 45?C prior to proceeding to the full-swing stage.

Vacuum freeze-drying
The pre-frozen raw foods are put in a dryer and the pressure is lowered, instantly vaporizing the water that has solidified in the frozen food and thus drying it. This is called the freeze-dry method. This minimizes the loss of such unstable matter as nutritional components and enzymes in food, and keeps their taste, flavor, color and nutrients intact. This way, raw foods can be preserved for a long period of time. Vegetables contain a high water content that is greatly reduced after it undergoes freeze-drying. For this reason, you should drink a lot of water with a raw food diet.

Raw foods are retrieved from the dryer after they dry for 20 to 25 hours. At this time, the water content is below 5%.

The raw foods are ground into powder until they can pass through the 80 micron mesh net.

Over 30 healthful raw foods are mixed according to set ratios.

Spot weighing of the raw food packages is conducted from time to time to check accuracy.

Quality control
Erom Inc. implements thorough and regular quality management at its production site, and welcomes regular inspections for chemical remnants and heavy metals by government-accredited test institutions, thus ensuring the safety and consistency of its products.