Eating healthy has never been easier!
Start your day the right way with Erom Natural Raw Meal 45 or JUVO Organic Raw Meal. 


Erom Natural Raw meal is made with over 45 healthful ingredients including whole grains, vegetables, fruits, seaweed, and mushrooms. It is packaged individually and is very convenient to put in your bag or take it wherever you go.

Total Time: less than 1 min
Shake and ready to eat. 


What is needed:
1 cup Soy Milk (or any other favorite beverage),
1 pack of Erom Natural Raw Meal 45 or JUVO
Erom Easy Shaker Cup (or any mixing bottle or mixer)


1. Prepare Beverage, Erom Natural Raw Meal 45 (1 pack), Erom Easy Shaker Cup.

2. Pour beverage into Erom Easy Shaker Cup.

3. Pour Erom Natural Raw Meal 45 (1 pack) into Erom Easy Shaker Cup.

4. Put a lid on the Erom Easy Shaker Cup.

5. Shake until well-blended.

6. Enjoy your healthy meal.