Erom Kids 10 Project



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Erom Kids 10 Project (60 packets/box)
Size per packet: 50ml
Price/box: $189.00 

Specially fortified with important nutrients for kids

It is tasty, nutritious, and balanced diet for children,
made from the best ingredients to help children’s growth,
brain development, stability of health and to prevent allergies.

Nutritious diet for a healthy growth period
- Important nutritional ingredients such as vitamins,
mineral, enzymes and fibrin are all alive

To improve children
’s eating habits
- More than 30 different kinds of vegetables,
marine plants, mushrooms, whole grains are included

For a healthy enteric

- Bifidobacterium for strong intestines

To prevent allergies and atopy

- Contains phylotex and rose petal extract powder

To accelerate children
’s growth
- Growth factors IGF-1 (Insulin like growth factor), CGF (Chlorella growth factor)


Good for children who:

  1. Need proper nutrition during growth periods
  2. Are used to eating fast foods
  3. Are physically weak
  4. Don’t like eating vegetables