2 Boxes Erom CellFood 55 Raw Meal (60 pack) + 2 Juvo Protein

Buy 2 Boxes of Erom CellFood 55 Raw Meal (60pk)

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Erom CellFood 55 Raw Meal is a healthy meal alternative to bring your body to good and optimal health. It is made with over 55 healthful ingredients including whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms. Erom CellFood 55 Raw Meal does not contain animal products of any kind. Each meal is packaged individually so it is very convenient to carry in your bag or take it wherever you go.

What is "Saeng Sik" (생식)?
The term " Saeng Sik" (Uncooked Food Diet) literally means eating something right after it has been harvested. The main benefit of a " Saeng Sik " is that it enables us to maintain optimal health and sound METABOLISM, while at the same time protecting our bodies from the harmful effects of cooked and processed foods. However, it is not reasonable to expect everyone to go out into the fields and eat uncooked "raw" foods everyday. We need a more convenient way to eat natural uncooked foods and benefit from their nutritional values.

Saeng Sik uses the latest freeze-drying methods to freeze uncooked foods, under pressure, to a temperature below -40°C and then powder the nutrients contained in the uncooked whole foods,and keeps the chlorophyll and various enzymes intact.

 Good for those who :

1. Need improvement in their dietary habits for a healthy life.

2. Regularly skips breakfast

3. Are students and spend a lot of studying and eating unhealthy meals.

4.  Love and consume many fast food.

5. Are constantly fatigued.

6. Are suffering from various physical ailments.

7. Have increased their blood thickness by smoking and drinking alcohol.

8. Have been afflicted with constipation or diarrhea.

9. Want to improve their physical condition.

10. Want to go on a weight loss diet.

11. Wants to have clearer skin.



Brown rice, glutinous millet, Indian millet, millet, Job's tears, glutinious brown rice, barley, red bean, agaricus rice, black sesame, soy bean powder, small black soybean, potato, kale, anglica utilis, cabbage, dropwort, radish leaves, broccoli, leek, barley leaves, carrot, burdock, radish, codonopsis lanceolata, pumpkin, citron, tomato, mugwort, pine needle, lentinus edodes, reishi mushroom, laver, brown seaweed, tabgle, sea lettuce, yeast, lactobacillus acidophillus, spirulina, oligo saccharide, pediococcus pentosaceus.

Important Note: 
This product is fiber-rich and has undiluted nutrients. Drink 1 additional cup (8 oz.) of water to maximize digestion.


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